Archive: April 2010

  • Beauty of a Card

    Playing card decorated skateboard

    With the rise in popularity with poker or the long history and mythology of playing cards, motifs using spades, aces, jacks, and kings have rose in distribution. We designers will always be influenced by these shifts in culture, whether intentionally or not, and I was the other day. I was just thinking about what I should make and I came up with a king motif.

  • Plaid!

    N drop cap

    Trying to come up with a new drop cap, I noticed the beauty of a now popular pattern that was once only worn by Paul Bunyan.

  • Design Compliments

    Tobasco Cartoon

    When I was a kid, I was told that I was going to be the next Picasso or De Vinci. People like complimenting art to the extreme which is a dangerous thing because it can put some expectations in a kid's head that shouldn't be there.

  • After Two Weeks...

    Burrito fighting a sandwich

    After not posting anything on my blog for two weeks due to moving and starting a new job, you'd think that I would make something really cool. Well, sorry to disappoint. I posted a weird sketch that I drew when sick.