Archive: April 2011

  • Not One of My Greatest Works

    Smoking cat

    Every work a designer or artist creates, no matter how crappy, is beneficial. They either act as a heavy hitter in their portfolio or act as a vehicle for some new project that far surpasses it. Today's sketch is the latter.

  • Tech Meets Classical

    T Dropcap

    After failing to design a dropcap yesterday, I tried to do it again today and succeeded with Gestalt.

  • Trendy

    Growlithe pulling kid

    There is a trendy art subject going around the internet and today I joined into the fad. For the record, its only because my girlfriend told me to.

  • Product Placement

    Book cover

    Today's post is more of a commercial than a journal entry. Please read it anyway. :)

  • Visual Overload

    Swedish pattern

    Ever watch so much TV or see so many pictures in a gallery that your brain goes blank. Its like your brain is fried with awesomeness. I felt that way when I went to the LACMA yesterday.

  • Looking for Something New

    SM logo

    Ever feel like you should just scrap what you are doing and start all over. Today I felt like doing that. I wanted to burn away into a pile of ash and be reborn as an even greater Phoenix than before.