Archive: January 2010

  • Robin Hood’s “F”

    Dropcap F

    Today is another drop cap day and I for some reason was in the mood to make another weapon-themed letter. Why? I'm not sure but hopefully you and your merry men will like it anyway.

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem coin

    Ever wonder how the pocket change in your pocket was made? Its actually a pretty complicated process that has been getting developed over a length of time that almost matches the length of civilization. I was given the opportunity to see the process in action and I decided to make a coin celebrating it.

  • Enjoying Five Iron Frenzy?

    cartoon guy

    Here is another experiment with Mac's Photo Booth. I hope you enjoy another stretched illustration and you never know, I may inspire you too.

  • Bloody Genius!

    Einstein dead on a curb

    May being too gruesome for some audiences, I drew my representation of a somewhat common phrase. Oh, the English language.

  • The Sad & Lonely

    Under the Bleachers

    The last iteration of Under the Bleachers is a sad paradox: funny title but sad context. Hopefully some day we can all love the social outcasts.

  • New Twist Under the Bleachers

    Under the Bleachers

    Another attempt at the fictitious book, Under the Bleachers, I created a teen fiction version of Scooby-Doo.

  • What can Photo Booth do for you?

    alien in kitchen

    Ever play around with Photo Booth on a newish Mac? Well, I did last night and came up with a pretty cool character design off of one of my distorted photographs.

  • The Underdog

    Under the Bleachers

    Do you get almost tired of all the underdog stories that we read and watch? Even though they are always inspiring and make you want to go out and fulfill all your dreams come true, they do get repetitive at times. Today, I added to the repetition and made a book cover for yet another underdog story.

  • Tribute to Crazy Weather

    Snowing night

    Being inspired from the crazy weather and intense snow we've been getting here, I made another Chinese painting. The mission: either through a story or a painting help you understand the feeling I get being stuck in a snow storm. Good luck!

  • The Triton

    Dropcap E

    Trying to make an unusual letter E, I decided to try and echo the elements of the great king of the sea: Neptune!