• Looking for Something New

    SM logo

    Ever feel like you should just scrap what you are doing and start all over. Today I felt like doing that. I wanted to burn away into a pile of ash and be reborn as an even greater Phoenix than before.

  • I Want to Look Like Him

    Cartoon boy

    Is it sad that I think a drawing of me is cooler than the real thing? How about you be the judge.

  • Speech Impediment

    Topographic map

    Growing up I had a difficulty speaking. I was born with my tongue not fully detached from the roof of my mouth and when I finally had surgery to fix this problem, I wasn't prepared to talk properly. After years of speech classes; however, I am now able to talk normally. I do though have some relapses every once in a while.

  • Gotta Catch'em All

    Metal-type Pokemon

    If you grew up with a Gameboy, you most doubtedly had a cartridge of Pokemon. It was a phenomenal game with one addicting marketing plan.

  • Stoner Mind

    Album cover

    How do you feel after a long day with waking up early? I felt like robots were ripping out of my head to transform the world into a 1984-like city of cement and steel.

  • What Shall I Do Today?

    S drop cap

    I had a few entry ideas today but not floated my boat. Hope you like what I eventually came up with.

  • Happy Waitangi Day!

    Beautiful Landscape

    Celebrate New Zealand Day with me!

  • Happy Australia Day!

    koala boomerang

    Its sad that so many holidays get passed up without anyone knowing. For this reason, I bring up Australia's 4th of July. Let us all celebrate this grand day in support of our super cool neighbors across the sea.

  • I See Something in my Bed

    Japanese mask

    Is there something moving in there? As I wake from the vague memories of dreams, I see something in the corner of my eye. What is it? Its like the sheets are moving. Almost like the alien from Evolution crawling underneath the skin of Professor Harry Block.

  • Leading North

    Leeds North

    After making an album cover based off a simple game I found on Facebook, I started thinking about how the decisions we make in our lives define us so much.