A Day at the OC Fair

Side Binding of 6 year anniversary scrapbook

Guess what internet? I'm getting married! That's right. I proposed to Kristina Chung yesterday and she said yes!

I actually started planning my proposal a year ago. Kristina and I had just celebrated our 5-year-anniversary at the LA Fair and it brought back memories of our first date at the Midstate Fair. That inspired me with the idea of proposing to her at a fair on our 6-year-anniversary.

I knew I wanted to make it special for her with a bunch of things that would mean something to us. I already had the fair idea for WHERE to propose. I just needed to come up with the HOW to propose. I knew how much fun she had on a scavenger hunt on the LA Fantastic Race and I knew how much she enjoys scrapbooking so I thought I would combine the two.

I first made a scrapbook with pages that celebrated our favorite locations in the fair, including the art gallery, pig races, and funnel cake. I then added blank places on the pages that needed photos. What I had in store was for the two of us to run around the fair collecting these pages and filling them out using a cool Polaroid camera my co-worker told me about.

To scatter the pages around, I handed out the incomplete pages to our friends and family before hand. Kristina was truly surprised to see all of them at her 6-year-anniversary party. She was even more surprised when I went down on one knee at the fountains in the center of the fair.

It was a wonderful day that made me so happy to have such wonderful friends and to have such an amazing fiancé. Man am I excited for the wedding site to come :)

Proposal scrapbook page from OC Fair games

We actually won a beta fish at the ball toss game!

Scrapbook page of OC Fair Zipper ride

The last time we rode the zipper, my keys fell out of the ride. I had a lot more luck this time.

Scrapbook page of OC Fair art gallery

The art gallery had the best artwork we had ever seen at the fair.

Proposal scrapbook page of OC Fair farm

The coolest part of the farm was a sheep wearing a wool sweater!

Proposal scrapbook page of OC Fair circus

The circus was full of awesome feats!

Proposal scrapbook page of OC Fair pig races

This year was the first year Kevin Bacon didn't run

Proposal scrapbook page with ring pocket

This was the final pocket where a fake ring was concealed.



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