My Review of PSD2HTML



This week I got an email from PSD2HTML celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I got it because I hired PSD2HTML last month for a project at work that needed a fast turnaround. I designed 4 web sites but only had the developement resources for 2 of them, so I hired PSD2HTML to code the remaining 2.

Each site was fairly simple and both were very similar. They each included 4 responsive pages built on Wordpress, a contact form and thank you page. The only difficult part about them was each page had several sections of varying columns and content.

I was promised that both sites would be built in a week and a half, which they were. I only had to make a few QA tweaks. And I thought they were quite affordable. So in the end, I would recommend any company needing quick developement work done to use PSD2HTML.

But the thing that I thought was the most interesting about PSD2HTML was the inconsistencies. To get both sites done in time, they had me work with 2 developers: one for each site. And I was surprised that no matter how similar the 2 sites were, the developers coded them very differently.

One used more Javascript to make the site responsive, while to other relied more on CSS. The class naming structure was significantly different. 

At first, I liked one developer more because they were friendlier and asked more questions about the project. I thought they would take a more wholistic approach to the project. I ended up like the other developer more by the end because their code was much more clean. I wish that developer had coded both of our sites. Not only because I liked their code, but also so that we could later on manage one code library.



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