Pig Skunk Illo



Illustration of pig skunk eating a donut on Randy's Donuts

For most of our relationship, I have used the nickname of 'Stinker' for my girlfirend, Kristina. She likes being a smart aleck and a dorc so I have always thought that nickname fitted her.

Her co-workers like calling her 'Pig' because she eats all the time. She eats so often, it can be annoying at theme parks or museums because she has to take a break every hour for a snack. She doesn't eat much during these snack breaks, maybe only fruit snacks. If she doesn't get her hourly snack, it's funny to watch her shut down. It's hard for her to do basic functions during these times.

But last night, I came up with the idea of her being a pig skunk, which is a pig with with a skunk tail and would be extra smelly. This amalgam would be similar to the mainy creatures in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. Every animal (except for one) is the combination of two creatures. A few examples are:

With the introduction of this new dual-animal, I wanted him to be eating one of Kristina's favorite treats: donuts. I picked a spinkled cake donut because its easily recognizable, even though Krisitna doesn't really like those kind.

I finally drew the pig skunk on top of Randy's Donuts, similar to Iron Man 2 because if a pig skunk would be eating a donut, of course it would be on a giant donut in El Segundo.



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