Album Cover Posts

  • Stoner Mind

    Album cover

    How do you feel after a long day with waking up early? I felt like robots were ripping out of my head to transform the world into a 1984-like city of cement and steel.

  • Leading North

    Leeds North

    After making an album cover based off a simple game I found on Facebook, I started thinking about how the decisions we make in our lives define us so much.

  • Where Do The Hours Go?

    Wasted Weekend

    Today I got all reminiscent of all the time I waste, especially the weekends.

  • Emo Album

    Emo Album Cover

    Emo: the culture of junior highers and high schoolers who take the flag of depression, melancholy, and tight pants. Most songs under that name talk about slitting wrists and drugs after being broken up by their girlfriend. This culture is filled with both pity and mockery from the outside world.

  • Start of a Mexican Influence?

    rock metal album cover

    After a few days taking a break from the posts to hang out with my lovely girlfriend in So Cal, I decided to make an album cover blending themes from both 80's rock metal and the stereotypical Mexican art found on tortilla chip bags. Let's see how I did.

  • What Girls Come Up With

    Radiantly Gay Pig

    In the middle of the night where there is nothing to do, girls can be really creative. In their pj's and computer in hand, they can create some weird songs, dances, and jokes that no one else thinks is funny. I think that is the reason why I think they are so cute: they're just weird. Today's post celebrates one of those weird creations they came up with one late boring night.

  • Star Wars Meets Led Zeppelin?

    space scene

    Polymorphous Light Eruption: allergy or kick-ass rock band? Maybe both? Today, I made an album cover for this made-up rock band and got to learn how to make Photoshop space scenes at the same time.

  • “The” Bands

    album cover

    Is there an ever changing trend to use “the” in front of band names? I had an interesting discussion about this topic and I’d like to share my results.