Drawing Posts

  • Exaggerations

    drawing of head

    All you have to do is watch 5 minutes of a kids cartoon to see how exaggerated cartoons are of our favorite characters. Today is a celebration of the ripped-ness of these guys.

  • What To Do About Death


    After reading a short story about hearses in Taiwan, I started thinking about death. Don't worry, though, this post is not a downer. :)

  • The Bananist

    Goggled and scarfed super hero

    A pencil drawing of possibly the dumbest banana boomerang throwing super hero ever!

  • Jan Etor

    Crazy janitor

    Ever feel like you're in a rut? What do you do in those times? Today I was feeling that way and I decided to doodle.


    Comic strip

    After reading a customized license plate that I could not decipher, I decided to write a comic strip about the game of decoding these secret messages.

  • Wet Nap to the Rescue!

    Asian girl drawing

    As a kid, what super power did you dream of having? Was it original? I think I have heard a super power more unique and imaginative than anything you could come up with. Want to know what it is?

  • It's a Joke...Ahhhhh

    blue diamond pattern

    I made a typographic design based off of a joke my friend told me. Its pretty funny...especially if you like rabbits like me. :)

  • Trendy

    Growlithe pulling kid

    There is a trendy art subject going around the internet and today I joined into the fad. For the record, its only because my girlfriend told me to.

  • Beware of Baggers

    Angry Bag Boy

    Last of a set of random doodles, here's a random drawing of a grocery bagger.

  • Waiting at the DMV

    Drawing of woman

    Ever people watch? How about people draw? I sort of invented it today. Its a mix between life drawing, people watching, and being a ninja. :) Today I tried to people draw at the DMV and found that its kind of hard.