Identity Posts

  • Shell Plus Bee

    Shell Plus Bee: Design Without Words

    Know what today is? It is only one of the best holidays in the US!

  • Resume Exploration

    Steve Stevenson Resume

    Making resumes is an art. You have to be professional, creative, reserved, and unique. So I guess its hard too. Well, today, after seeing so many friends starting to make resumes, I decided to try and make one myself.

  • Product Placement

    Book cover

    Today's post is more of a commercial than a journal entry. Please read it anyway. :)

  • Looking for Something New

    SM logo

    Ever feel like you should just scrap what you are doing and start all over. Today I felt like doing that. I wanted to burn away into a pile of ash and be reborn as an even greater Phoenix than before.

  • Griffith Park

    Park logo

    Ever see a logo somewhere and fall in love with an aspect of it? I found one on a hike yesterday that used an element really cool but sagged on the rest. Today's post is appropriating that cool element.

  • Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe

    Even though I haven't been in a while, I love Lake Tahoe. It's beautiful, vast, and engaging. Today, I created a branding to celebrate the 2nd deepest lake in North America.

  • The Runaways

    Erna and the Erratics

    After watching The Runaways with Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett, I was inspired to write about a side project I did a while ago that was inspired by the famous female rock star.

  • New NFL Team

    LA Traffic football helmet

    Getting into the spirit of the 2012 NFL football season, I wanted to design the logo for the new Los Angeles Farmer's Field football team.

  • Thor's Day

    calendar with pagan icons

    After learning about the etymology of Thursday, I wanted to investigate the meaning of the other weekdays. Plus, I made a calendar using etymological icons.