Painting Posts

  • Fat

    cartoon face

    After being inspired by Tim Burton's number monsters, I decided to make my own personified numeral.

  • Not One of My Greatest Works

    Smoking cat

    Every work a designer or artist creates, no matter how crappy, is beneficial. They either act as a heavy hitter in their portfolio or act as a vehicle for some new project that far surpasses it. Today's sketch is the latter.

  • Old Friends

    Painted Rose

    Its been a while since I painted with water color so I decided to take a whack at it again. All it did was show how impatient I am and how much I missed my friends.

  • Gotta Catch'em All

    Metal-type Pokemon

    If you grew up with a Gameboy, you most doubtedly had a cartridge of Pokemon. It was a phenomenal game with one addicting marketing plan.

  • BEWARE! Koala Wolverine!

    Wolverine koala

    Ever travel to new worlds while drawing? I have. I begin in front of a piece of paper, pencil in hand, and next thing I know, I'm drawing something else I would have never thought other wise.

  • Art Morning

    water color pine trees

    This morning I went to a community art gathering where a group of us came together to work on various projects. I took it as an opportune time to make a new post.

  • Trendy

    Growlithe pulling kid

    There is a trendy art subject going around the internet and today I joined into the fad. For the record, its only because my girlfriend told me to.

  • First Step

    giant whale eating sail boat

    Trying to cure a case of the downers, my girlfriend sent me some inspirational quotes that inspired a design.

  • House Decoration

    Water color painting with fish

    Wanting to give my bathroom a little flair without spending anything, I decided to paint a small little scene that would match the beautiful colors of my bathroom: black, white, and yellow.

  • Painting Again

    Chinese poem

    Ever go somewhere that you haven't been to for a really long time? Doesn't it bring back memories, both good and bad, that make you celebrate that place? Well Du Fu did in a poem called Traveling Again and I'm going to have to agree with him.