Pattern Posts

  • Visual Overload

    Swedish pattern

    Ever watch so much TV or see so many pictures in a gallery that your brain goes blank. Its like your brain is fried with awesomeness. I felt that way when I went to the LACMA yesterday.

  • Looking for Something New

    SM logo

    Ever feel like you should just scrap what you are doing and start all over. Today I felt like doing that. I wanted to burn away into a pile of ash and be reborn as an even greater Phoenix than before.

  • Plaid!

    N drop cap

    Trying to come up with a new drop cap, I noticed the beauty of a now popular pattern that was once only worn by Paul Bunyan.

  • Complexity

    Green Code Skateboard

    To balance the yin and the yang of yesterday's post on simplicity, I decided to make a post today on complexity. See what I made.

  • Save Me From The Trolls!

    Dala Horse Pattern

    Did you know that I am part Swede? Well, I am. With that bloodline, comes a couple of traditions, including the oldest daughter serving breakfast in December wearing a funny costume, eating a lot of pastries, and having a Dala horse in their house. Well, today, I made pattern to celebrate all of that.

  • Apple Training

    green desktop wallpaper

    Wanting to experiment with Photoshop and learn how to create custom abstract patterns, I played around with a tutorial on how to make a Mac-like desktop background.

  • I See Something in my Bed

    Japanese mask

    Is there something moving in there? As I wake from the vague memories of dreams, I see something in the corner of my eye. What is it? Its like the sheets are moving. Almost like the alien from Evolution crawling underneath the skin of Professor Harry Block.

  • The Joy of Going to Church

    Jesus vaccine

    Obviously everyone with their own religious beliefs are full of opinions on Church. I actually enjoy it a lot. Well, most of the time…

  • The Great Escape

    abstract drawing

    You see a lot of non-representational artwork in modern art. Many in the general public think its a joke because its supposedly so easy to make. I would argue that non-representational artwork may be the most challenging because its so counter our normal way of thinking.

  • Pink!

    pink wallpaper

    After a day of reformatting my blog and dealing with plane flights, I had a sudden feeling to go pink.