Typography Posts

  • T is for Tony

    Mechanical Dropcap

    After reading an article, I was inspired to make a steam punk drop cap. Instead of using the letter that's next on my list, I decided to have my roommate pick. If I had asked you, what would you have said?

  • Christian Designers

    V Dropcap

    They're far and few between but I found one today. It was awesome talking to a guy who really cared about finding God in his design. He's so inspirational.

  • Fat

    cartoon face

    After being inspired by Tim Burton's number monsters, I decided to make my own personified numeral.

  • L is for Cool

    Dropcap L

    Do you have a favorite letter? I'm not sure if I do but if I do, it may be the uppercase L. I'm not sure but its just the essence of cool.

  • Plaid!

    N drop cap

    Trying to come up with a new drop cap, I noticed the beauty of a now popular pattern that was once only worn by Paul Bunyan.

  • It's a Joke...Ahhhhh

    blue diamond pattern

    I made a typographic design based off of a joke my friend told me. Its pretty funny...especially if you like rabbits like me. :)

  • Something Simple

    moon and type

    Some days I just want to make some simple typography. Hope you like this little piece based on a sweet Styx song.

  • Tech Meets Classical

    T Dropcap

    After failing to design a dropcap yesterday, I tried to do it again today and succeeded with Gestalt.

  • Simplicity

    M drop cap

    There will always be a time for a design that needs to be busy, detailed, and ellaborate but sometimes you just need something simple. Today's drop cap is one of those times.

  • Sexy

    R drop cap

    What could I have made today that would be titled 'Sexy'? Hmmm... Are you curious? It couldn't have been a drop cap.